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Laboratorio Didattico del DINFO

Analog System Lab

This board enable an easy developTI_AnalogBoard_ASLK_Proing of analog and mixed-signal processing chains. It comes with general-purpose operational amplifiers, wide-bandwidth precision analog multipliers, 12-bit parallel-input multiplying digital-to-analog converters, a wide-input non-synchronous buck-type DC/DC controller, and a low dropout regulator. 


The exForno lab. provides the following


  • 20 boards ASLK PRO



The ASKL was extensively used within the "Analog Electronic Systems and Sensors" course, where small groups of students have developed their own analog design projects. The groups propose signal conditioning circuits for the selected sensors (ultrasonic, accelerometers, temperature, microphone, gamma ray, etc) and a solution for interfacing the ASKL with a microcontroller board (e.g. TI Launchpad msp430). The projects were then formally presented with slides and practical demonstrations in the Electronic Laboratory in a day event.


Some groups had the wonderful opportunity to partecipate at the "Innovation Challenge" within the TI University Program.

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