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Laboratorio Didattico del DINFO


The TM4C123G LaunchPad Evaluation Kit is a low-cost Foto_TivaCevaluation platform for ARM Cortex-M4F based microcontrollers.

The new Cortex-M4 core adds to the Cortex-M3 functionalities, digital signal 
processing (DSP) functions, multiple data (SIMD) instructions, fl oating-point option.

The DSP operatTM4C123x block diagramions of Tiva C Series devices include single-cycle 32-bit, dual 16-bit multiply-accumulate (MAC) instructions and saturating arithmetic instructions.

Optimized SIMD instructions can perform four 8-bit or two 16-bit rithmetic operations in a single cycle and are therefore, very effective at performing arithmetic operations on large arrays of data.






The exForno lab. provides the following devices:

  • 20+10 TivaC boards;
  • "Code Composer Studio" development tool installed on clients.


In the context of courses on electronics (Digital System Design, Digital Electronic Laboratory), student groups carried various prototypes including sophisticated A/D converters in the Sigma-Delta technology and prototypes of machines driven by ultrasonic sensors.Macchinina2

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